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Nora Durst from Leftovers Quotes post in Nefelibata

Leftovers – Nora Durst Quote

A friend suggested me to watch the series named Leftovers from HBO channel, which I found deeply sad and overwhelming. Tho I love deep stuff. So,, in one of the chaotic episodes, there was a scene, Nora Durst (one of the leftovers) said in it, which was the same I usually feel in my whole life! this dialogue of Nora can be count as a Leftovers Quote.

” I don’t have the strength to live, and I don’t have the power to die
all I know is that I have to keep moving toward something, anything! “

Leftover is about a sudden departure of some people in a city of NewYork, Mapleton. And, the story of the unfortunate Leftovers of the departure who didn’t disappear and lost their families.

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