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Jean-Paul Sartre once said “Maybe Freedom is our worst punishment”

Freedom - Che Guevara and Jean-Paul Sartre |

And I just ran into a Beautiful Quote by Krzysztof kieślowsky, which was the opposite of what Sartre said :
“You can say I want to be free but How do you free yourself From your own feelings, your own memories and your own desires?perhaps We Can’t Function Without Them-Which Automatically Means we are Not Free, We are Prisoners of our own Emotions.”

Krzysztof Kieslowski

Krzysztof Kieslowski was a polish screenwriter and film Director, He was born in Warsaw; Poland on 27th of June 1941, He is well known For his trilogy of colors; white Red and Blue and The Double life of Veronique, He received numerous awards During his lifetime and his career.



Che Guevara and Jean-Paul Sartre | 65aa894d3b239391f0784074559445f5.jpg

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