What's Nefelibata? What is Nefelibata all about? | Nefelibata.ir

Hi Cloud Walkers!

Here we’re on Nefelibata. sharing what’s flying on our cloudy minds. we suppose it does worth sharing! haha
everybody’s welcomed and also can get his/her thoughts shared.
the main goal of Nefelibata is to get along with what adds to our knowledge rather than only a waste of time. heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water. what if we share our heavy hearts. we human beings are only clouds passing over. tho not too late to be a cloud-walker.

How did Nefelibata start?

Like a windmill of a mind, it all happened all of a sudden in the last day of July 2018. was monitoring how a day can finish. on Instagram? Twitter? what about Nefelibata?

So is Nefelibata a Social Network?

On social networks, you can share your daily life. you can observe other lives. like what is a human being eating for the breakfast in another life? aha! it’s here. the difference is here. let’s give it a bit of beauty. you share your mood by a song, story, quote or whatever another life had experienced and did spread out in a way of Art. so let’s say “Yes, Nefelibata is an artistic social network.”

How does Nefelibata work then?

easy. how do you feel today? like your feet on the air and head on the ground? haha, maybe watched a movie and feeling inspired by that? so it deserves to be shared by other cloudy minds. your thoughts are like clouds, their meanings can keep changing every minute, or even get understood differently by each cloudy mind. this is the power of art and what’s being mainly focused on Nefelibata.

How do we start on Nefelibata?

it starts as you submit your first thought. you don’t need to get registered in order to be able to start. tho there are some cool features you get by registering. submitting can all be done from here.

What is Nefelibata’s Meaning?

Nefelibata is an individual who lives in the clouds of his own mind.

How do we pronounce Nefelibata?